About God

Our knowledge of God comes from two places – the Bible, and our personal experiences of Him. We have many reasons to trust the Bible, such as its historical accuracy, fulfilled prophecies, textual authenticity and unified message. However, when we turn to God and become one of His followers through faith in Jesus, we start to experience God personally – discovering His voice speaking to us, seeing Him answer our prayers, and receiving His help to live radically changed lives.

The Bible tells us that God made the universe and everything within it. We were created by Him to be in perfect relationship with Him, but mankind chose instead to rebel against Him, causing sin to enter the world. The Bible then tells the story of mankind’s further tragic mistakes through history, but also of God working to help and guide those who turned to Him. In the Old Testament, multiple prophecies promise that a Saviour would come to save us from our sins and the penalty for them.

In the New Testament, we are told how God’s perfect son Jesus came down from heaven, lived a perfect life among us while experiencing our struggles, then chose to give up His life on a cruel Roman cross to take on the punishment we deserved for our sins and rebellion against God. He then rose from the dead to show He had conquered death on our behalf, and ascended back to heaven, to return one day and gather all His followers to be with Him forever.

The key message of the Bible for us today is that although we deserve the punishment for our sins in hell, we can instead experience the pleasures of heaven forever one day if we acknowledge and turn from our wrong ways of living, believe and accept Jesus’ death for our sins, and give our lives to God, asking for His help to live new lives that please Him. God promises to accept and help every person who turns to Him, and longs to accept more into His kingdom.

If you haven’t already made this decision for yourself and don’t have a living relationship with your Creator, you can put this right today! There are some resources below to help you, but we’d love you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like someone to pray with you. And we hope you’ll join us soon at one of our Sunday services, where you can see our faith in action as we worship God together and hear teaching from the Bible.


There are lots of places you can go to find information about God. Some are better than others, and none are perfect, but here are two good places to start:

The Identity Course – This is a great course with a series of helpful short videos that explore topics about God and the Bible. See our dedicated page for more information, to see the videos yourself or to register interest for doing a course with us!

Got Questions – This website answers lots of questions that people have about things in the Bible.